Can You Do Your Own Roof Repairs?

“How hard can it be?” – This is how many people think when they notice that there is something to be repaired in the house. The problem is that many have come to find out that doing your own repairs is not easy – not even when it seems easy.

Sometimes people who watch too many TV shows that teach you how to do certain things by yourself or who spend a lot of time on the Internet reading articles about all kind of DIY projects around the house are tempted to try repairing certain problems, in order to save the money they would normally pay for professional service.

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There are repairs you can attempt to do yourself, if you have the necessary skills and tools/ equipment, but for others it is better to contact a northern Virginia roofing specialist. Roof repairs are one such example, because besides the fact that they may be difficult, there are also risks that pertain to your personal safety, and these risks are significant.

The danger of working at height

The biggest danger related to working on a roof is evidenced by statistics: over 40% of accidents are caused by falling from the roof. In these circumstances, it is obvious that courage must be based on strict rules. Probably all of us have noticed, at a certain point, constructors moving with ease on the scaffolding, on different structures of the building, or hung in ropes, at dizzying heights. Unfortunately, this false feeling of safety is the basis of many accidents. If you have the impression that working at height is not really that dangerous and that an accident will not happen to you, you are wrong. Prevention is mandatory, and if you do not have adequate protective equipment, you should not attempt to fix your roof, even if you think you have the necessary skills. Remember that there is not only the danger of falling from the roof, but also through the roof. Some roofs are fragile, which means that the material they are made of may not be strong enough to withstand the weight of a person and the weights carried by that person. In assessing the strength, one must consider the material from which the construction element is made of, its age, the thickness, the type of the fasteners, the quality of the entire structure, etc. In time, any roof loses its strength and becomes insecure, and certain materials are fragile by their nature: the sheets used in waterproofing and vapor control, the glass of the luminaries, the low quality of certain materials etc. Others may not be properly fixed and become unstable. Also, the fragility can be hidden under layers of paint or new fragile accessories.

Liability and insurance

If you attempt to do your own roof repairs and you fail to do them properly, your home insurance will not cover the resulted damage. In general, you will benefit from your insurance only if the installation and repairs were made by qualified workers, otherwise you will have to pay from your pocket.

Limited Warranties

Professional roof installation and repairs bring you warranties, from manufacturers and the roofing company that performs the works. Repairing your own roof will void these warranties, which is another good reason to leave your roof in northern Virginia roofing professional hands.