Some Great Reasons to Install A New Residential Roof

Sometimes the need for roof replacement on your residential property is obvious – the only remedy for an old sagging, severely damaged roof that has been patched and repaired many times and leaks still appear after every rainy day is obviously replacement. According to Lakewood roofing pros, there are many other reasons that call for roof replacement – here are some.

Storm Damage

The devastating storms that are so frequent these days can destroy or severely damage even roofs that are correctly installed, well-maintained, strong and have previously had no leaks. If the most recent storm has ripped off or damaged a significant part of your roof, causing your shingles to lose their protective granules, to curl or to blister or if your roof has sustained cracks and holes, your best option is to take it all off and to rebuilt your roof completely.

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A Major Remodeling Project

A major building redesign that involves changes to the interior as well as to the exterior of your building, maybe even to your landscape and fencing should also be extended to your roof if you want to make sure that your entire property features a consistent design. While you are designing your roof, consider all the features of your building envelope, including the color palette used and the style of the building and choose the material and the color of your new roof to fit in with the appearance of your building.

While creating the design for your new roof, consider not only aesthetic aspects, but functionality and performance, too – try to choose a material that is also suitable for the climate zone that your building is located in.

Adding Resale Value to Your Property

Roof replacement is quite an investment and you might not be able to recover the entire sum you have put into your new roof, but a solid, attractive new roof will surely sell your property much faster. The roof being among the most expensive building components, it is usually among the first elements that prospective buyers check when they visit a home. A new roof that the new owner does not have to worry about for years is a very convincing feature and one that puts you into a very favorable negotiation position.

Premature Roofing Problems

While the damage caused by storms is instant, there are many issues that develop over time and prevent the roof from reaching the end of its expected lifespan. Some of these issues, such as the frequent formation of ice dams or excessive moisture inside your home the cause of which is probably the roof, can be solved with roof repairs or the installation of insulation in the attic, others, such as the appearance of moss, infestations with algae or mold can often be efficiently solved only with complete roof replacement. If your roof starts sagging, the change also indicates that roof replacement is the best solution and that the process will probably have to be extended beyond the roof covering material, to the structural elements of the roof as well.